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Tirana, the 100 – Year Capital in 100 Buildings

Architectural Guide

Eled Fagu
With an introduction by Alfred Diebold


The architecture of the Albanian capital is pre­sented for the first time in this guide as a collection of 100 buildings that represent the construction of the city in the modern period, starting with the country’s declaration of independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1912.
Today, Tirana is a fusion of elements from Ottoman architecture, early twentieth-century bourgeois architecture, fascist totalitarianism and socialist realism, within a post-socialist and contemporary architectural framework that is becoming increasingly important as a result of a renovation policy that seeks to promote economic development and Western integration through the use of architectural tools and the design of public spaces.
Whether you are an architect or simply a city lover, this collection of architecture will take you on an exotic Byronic journey through the heart of a lively Mediterranean city that has recently become a tourist destination. The guide is divided into seven chapters, corresponding to the main street areas included in the radial city morphology.


134 × 245 mm
208 pages

350 images

ISBN 978-3-86922-300-1

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