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Architectural Diagrams 1

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Construction and Design Manual

Miyoung Pyo

The trendsetting architect Rem Koolhaas has carried it out to perfection, whereas the next generation of international stars refined it even more, giving us the unconventional presentation of designs and ideas in the form of diagrams. This method of presentation is easy to understand when dealing with the client and can be communicated internationally, beyond language and cultural barriers – a product of our globalized world. However, diagrams are now much more than explanations and form their own discipline in creative professions connected to design and construction. What looks simple is in fact a complex matter. They help to make complex ideas, systems and relationships easy to visualize and to communicate these, crossing linguistic and cultural barriers. The second edition of this title in the Construction and Design ­Manual series assembles 384 pages featuring a wide range of diagrams by avant-garde architects and designers who specialize in public space, landscape architecture and urban planning.

225 × 280  mm
384 pages
600 images

Hardcover with elastic strap

ISBN 978-3-86922-417-6