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Städtebau in Berlin

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Schreckbild und Vorbild für Europa

Harald Bodenschatz

This book presents a history of Berlin’s urban design from a European perspective. A large number of plans, drawings and photos, illustrate the distinctive features of the Berlin urban development. Berlin has become a model of European urban design, in terms of compact urban bourgeois quarters before World War I, in the development of suburban housing estates during the 1920s, in the rehabilitation and cautious renewal of the compact late 19th century quarters starting in the 1970s, in terms of the critical reconstruction of the urban form since the 1980s. But Berlin was not only a model. The unflattering title of “the world’s largest tenement house settlement” – a rather unjustified title – served as the bogeyman for decades, alongside the large scale settlements in East and West that have been heavily criticized since the 1970s. On the other hand, the city has mostly been able to avoid suburban sprawl, the plague of urban design worldwide.

Second edition
210 × 230 m
182 Seiten
über 100 Abbildungen

ISBN 978-3-86922-296-7