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Competition Panels and Diagrams

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Construction and Design Manual

Benjamin Hossbach, Christian Lehmhaus, Christine Eichelmann

Architectural competitions act as a tool for enhancing a design and selecting planning partners. The quality of urban develop ment, high-rise buildings and open spaces is thus sustainably improved. Nevertheless, this planning and awarding tool is repeatedly scrutinised. Twenty-five international projects from 2009 to 2015 pre-sented in this volume shed light on design methods and techniques employed by internationally renowned architects. The collection is supple mented by explanations of technical and formal criteria regardi ng the presentation of competition entries and addresses expenditure issues in rela tion to prize money and architects’ fees. This manual not only i ncludes an essay on the his tory of archi tectural drawings sub mitted in competitions, but also presents theses and guest contributions by judges and entrants. These address the i mportance of competition designs in relation to panels and diagrams since these hold significant sway over the eventual outcome. 

225 × 280 mm
384 pages
1.370 images


ISBN 978-3-86922-456-5