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Conversations with Peter Eisenman

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The Evolution of Architectural Style

Vladimir Belogolovsky

Peter Eisenman’s architecture carries many layers and meanings; one question leads to the next and one conversation provokes another. Vladimir Belogolovsky’s new book highlights three separate conversations he had with the architect at his New York City studio in October 2003, June 2009, and February 2016. These conversations are part of the author’s ongoing interview project he initiated in 2002, discussing architecture with over 100 leading international architects.

“­Peter ­Eisenman is in the bloodline of Palladio, Le ­Corbusier, and ­Robert ­Venturi, and in this book of bru­tally honest conversations between him and critic ­Vladimir­ ­Belogolovsky pithy asser­tions emerge, sometimes in contradiction, as ­Belogolovosky sympathetically questions this authority, one whose deep commitment to his art, over ­fifty years, has helped change contemporary architecture. (…) Eisenman ­bemoans the fact that celebrity architects have supplanted such authorities, that is, authors of a critical architecture that reflects on its own language. All art languages must do this, an important insight of semiotics in the 1960s when Eisenman first started critical practice.” (Charles Jencks)

210 x 230 mm
152 pages
130 images

ISBN 978-3-86922-531-9