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Dementia-friendly Hospital Buildings

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Construction and Design Manual

Kathrin Büter, Gesine Marquardt

Dementia-friendly architecture encompasses a host of possibilities that are particularly relevant in hospital design. Implemented in an aesthetically pleasing and non-stigmatising manner, such architecture can benefit anyone during a hospital stay: it produces an enviro­nment that is easy to read, generates a sense of security, and promotes well-being and recovery.
This manual begins by summarising the current state of research on architecture for individuals with dementia in acute care hospitals. Based on their years of experience in the field, authors Kathrin Büter and Gesine ­Marquardt then present approaches to creating tailored solutions. They outline general design principles while considering practical examples, and cover key topics such as safety, atmosphere, ­and orientation systems in detail.
Every hospital building requires a concept that dovetails the spatial, social, personal, cultural, organisational, and financial frameworks.
This guide is therefore a concise and straightforward introduction for all stakeholders in modern hospitals: from mana­gers and developers to architects and designers. It provides inspiration for creative and interdisciplinary planning processes in an increasingly crucial area of the health sector.

225 x 280 mm
128 pages
80 pictures
English edition

ISBN 978-3-86922-778-8

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German edition/deutsche Ausgabe



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