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Galina Balashova

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Architect of the Soviet Space Programme

Philipp Meuser

This monograph on the work of the Russian architect Galina Balashova presents a unique collection of designs for Soviet cosmonautics. These include plans and engineering drawings for Soyuz capsules and the space stations Salyut and Mir.Balashova acted as a consultant to the Buran programme, the Soviet counterpart to the American Space Shuttle.

Striving for harmony and beauty, the architect strikes an emotional chord in the high-tech world of carrier rockets, laboratories and survival equipment. It is therefore due to Balashova‘s talent that a unique chapter has been added to Soviet architectural history: Architecture for Cosmonautics.

Her exceptional achievements, including designs for medals and emblems, are still scarcely known today – even in Russia.

210 × 230 mm
160 pages
189 images

ISBN 978-3-86922-355-1