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Izmir (engl.)

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Architectural Guide

Mehmet Çelik


With over 8,000 years of history, Izmir is among the world’s ­oldest cities. Founded as Smyrna on the shores of the ­Aegean Sea, the city has been home to all manner of cultures over the centuries. Each one left behind its architectural traces, turning the city into a palimpsest of millennia of urban life. A cosmopolitan, multi­ethnic port city known as the ‘pearl of the ­Aegean‘ in the ­Ottoman Empire, Izmir is now one of Turkey’s largest ­metropolises. This book explores the diverse architectural ­heritage of the city. Through a selection of 265 buildings, among them the works of architects like Gustave Eiffel and ­Bruno Taut, it narrates the evo lution of Izmir’s built environment from ancient times to the present. To help visitors under stand the city‘s urban structure, it also explains the region’s characteristic ­architectural forms.

135 x 245 mm

336 pages
800 images

ISBN 978-3-86922-974-4


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German edition/deutsche Ausgabe

Turkish edition/Türkçe versiyon