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Yona Friedman

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Pro Domo
In 1958 Yona Friedman published his first manifesto on "mobile architecture" and founded GEAM (Groupe d'Etude d'Architecture Mobile), which proposed different strategies and actions geared to the adaptation of architectural creation to modern user requirements concerning social and physical mobility. In this initial manifesto, Friedman points out that architectural knowledge cannot be the exclusive property of professionals and specialists, and suggests writing guides ("manuals"), which explain topics related to architecture and urban planning in clear and simple terms. Following some recent publications that have reasserted the importance of Friedman's work, 'Pro Domo' is "a collection of fragments of scattered topics," a set of "milestones" selected by the author himself. In his words, these highlights are not meant as a testament nor do they, "form a coherent whole". Instead, they form a personal selection chosen "according to their sentimental value" and span fifty-year period of production dating from the foundation of GEAM. The book includes building structure studies, urban design theories, observations on regional development, as well as design manuals for self-construction and competition projects.

148 x 210 mm
390 pages

978-84-96540-51-4 (ACTAR)