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The Function of Style

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Farshid Moussavi

During the 19th and most of the 20th century, discussions of style revolved around pure formalism or pure functionalism. Style, as the way of assembling forms, was trapped in producing consistency and sameness across architectural forms. This publication is the third in a series at the GSD focused at researching a contemporary idea of style in architecture. The previous publication investigated the architecture of the latter part of the 20th century which defies the senselessness and anonymity of early 20th century city. The aim was to establish whether the systems of differentiation identified earlier were exploring their style as formalism or they were based on a new idea of style that would work with form and function simultaneously as a way to use form to subvert function as set out for each type by early 20th century modernism.

“The question of style seems especially relevant now, as it is again very important to see where architecture’s discipline-specific agency lies: What do architects do? What do they base their decisions on?” — Farshid Moussavi

Published with Harvard University Graduate School of Design and FUNCTIONLAB.

170 x 220 mm
640 pages
600 images

ISBN 978-1-940291-30-7 (ACTAR)