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The South of Russia

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Buildings of the Soviet Avant-Garde 1922–1936

Architectural Guide

Artur Tokarev/Igor Bychkov

The architecture of the Soviet avant-garde of the 1920s and mid -1930s is attracting more and more attention from both domestic and foreign researchers, but in spite of this, entire regions ­remain unexplored. One of them, until recently, was the South of Russia – an area that encom­passes the Southern Federal Dis­­trict and the North Caucasus Federal District.
The state of this architectural heritage deserves special mention. In the South of Russia during the Second World War, there were active hostilities and mass destruction. Over the course of post-war reconstruction, many buildings were rebuilt in a neo­classical style, and a whole layer of avant-­garde works nearly disappeared. During the post-­Soviet years, the management of these buildings was no less destructive.
The product of extensive research, this guidebook divides the objects in question into two groups: those that have survived and those that have been lost forever. ­Fortunately, Architectural Guide The South of ­Russia allows readers to see more than 100 selected buildings of the Soviet avantgarde with their own eyes.

135 x 245 mm
200 pages

460 pictures
English edition

ISBN 978-3-86922-304-9