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Total Latin American Architecture

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Libretto of Modern Reflections and 
Contemporary Works

Ana  de Brea

A selected, fully open, and deep assemblage, that carries the explicit intent of outlining, conceptual and practical verifications, on critical views and specific projects, concerning the actual architecture in the Latin American territory.

The book intends to communicate a targeted objective, to circumscribe a segment, a series of observations and actions in architecture. However, it is a selected, fully open, and deep fragment, outlining conceptual and practical verifications on critical views and concrete projects, concerning the actual, extensive world of architecture in the Latin American territory, and in the first years of the new century. It is a sequence of topical segments organized as an unsystematic series and through a number of different projects in each case: the single family house; searches on bigger scales; poetical structures; topics under consideration; a look over laboratories; terrain, landscape and topography; covering folk factors; and the volumetric reasoning an physical features. A selected and deep assemblage of the current architecture in the Latin American territory.

165 x 235 mm
400 pages

ISBN 978-1-940291-47-5 (ACTAR)