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Architectural Guide

Faouzia Ben Khoud

The courtyards, winding passages, and mosques of the Medina; an Art Nouveau theatre, churches, a brutalist hotel, and contemporary glass facades: ­Tunisia’s capital has a rich and incredibly diverse built heritage. In addition, the archaeological remains at nearby Carthage give an impression of the power of an ancient city that once rivalled the ­Roman Empire.     

This architectural guide presents over 100 sites in both Tunis and its surroundings. The ­Tunisian archi­tect Faouzia Ben Khoud selects buildings from a long stretch of history: from the ­Phoenicians, who first founded a city there, to the Arab Spring, which began in Tunisia in 2010. Also covering ­recent ­renovation projects in detail, the author puts ­special emphasis on efforts to preserve the city’s ­exceptional cultural heritage.

You’ll find Faouzia Ben Khoud's tips on the best food and concerts in Tunis on our blog.


135 x 245 mm
264 pages

400 images
English edition

ISBN 978-3-86922-676-7

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