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Urban Catalyst

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The Power of Temporary Use

Philipp Oswalt, Klaus Overmeyer, Philipp Misselwitz

In many cities, urban wastelands and ­vacant structures suddenly metamorphose into exuberant places. After the ­real ­estate market failed in their initial ­attempts to develop these, the sites ­instead became the setting for art galleries, migrant economies, informal markets and nightlife outlets. It is ­often these abandoned loca­tions that can boast ­innovative cul­tural expression and a ­vibrant public sphere. Over the course of several years, the ­Urban Catalyst ­research team explored these temporary uses in ­European cities such as Amsterdam, ­Berlin, London and Rome.

Second edition
165 × 235 mm

384 pages
200 images


ISBN 978-3-86922-261-5