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Soviet Mass Housing 1958-1980

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Top Trumps

Dimitrij Zadorin

Soviet mass housing was a unique phenomenon on account of its ubiquity and scale. Literally no city managed to escape the intensive application of standard designs. The latter formed the basis of over 90 per cent of all housing construction in the sixties. Therefore, Soviet mass housing was everywhere; it was the locus of Soviet life, shaping the culture and world view of Soviet citizens.

The deck which comprises 37 cards – with each card featuring one image – documents serial mass housing in the Soviet Union that was created on the basis of standard designs. At the same time, it provides the main characteristics of the images depicted in a playful manner. The selection offered represents the various generations and thus helps us to understand the development of standard designs.

37 cards, with each card featuring one image, and one cover sheet with instructions printed on the back 
One instruction leaflet with useful information on serial mass housing in the Soviet Union 1958 – 1980 
Card format 65 mm × 100 mm
Case ca. 111 mm × 76.5 mm × 18.5 mm, made of glass-clear polystyrene 
Cards made of 315 g/sqm cardstock, lacquered on both sides

ISBN 978-3-86922-443-5