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Montréal (engl.)

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Architectura Guide

Heike Maria Johenning
With contributions from Boris Chukhovich
and Sandra Cohen-Rose

Montréal, Canada’s second largest city and the centre of the franco­phone province of Québec, is a sprawling and green metropolis where French, British, and American architectural traditions meet. Many buildings and streets bear witness to the influence of the ­Parisian École des Beaux-Arts; there are structures in the tradition of the ­Chicago School; and the city also has an extensive her­itage of both elegant Art Deco and massive ­Brutalist edifices.
This book presents a total of 130 buildings and projects from the almost 400-year history of the port city on the St. Lawrence River. This journey through time is complemented by guest contri­butions from renowned experts, for example on the original Northern Deco style, the buildings of Expo 1967, and art in Montréal’s metro.
In diesem Architekturführer werden insgesamt 130 ­Bauten und Projekte aus der knapp 400-jährigen Geschichte der Hafenstadt am Sankt-Lorenz-Strom vor­gestellt. Ergänzt wird diese Zeitreise durch Gastbeiträge namhafter Experten, etwa über den originären Stil des Northern Deco, die Bauten der Expo 67 oder die Kunst in der Métro von Montréal.


134 × 245 mm
240 pages

350 images

ISBN 978-3-86922-872-3


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This title is expected to become
available in spring 2023.