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This website with the URL is run by DOM publishers: 

DOM publishers 
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10117 Berlin | Germany 
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Tax office Berlin-Mitte/Tiergarten 
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Based in Berlin 
Founded in 2005 

Prof. h.c. Dr. Philipp Meuser

If you have any questions, or experience technical difficulties with this website, please send us an e-mail at

Platform for online dispute resolution:

We are not willing nor obliged to participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board. 


According to a decision by the Hamburg regional court on May 12, 1998 (Az 312 O 85/98 Haftung für Links), the owner of a website may be held responsible for the content of links listed on the site unless he or she expressly distances him- or herself from the contents of linked web pages. 

We have listed links to other web pages on our website. DOM publishers has no influence on the form or the content of these linked pages. Therefore, we expressly distance ourselves from all of the contents of all of the websites reachable via links from our site. The contents of these sites do not represent the views and opinions of DOM publishers. This declaration is valid for all of the links listed on our web pages. Any other website that uses any part of our branding or resells our books is neither part of our business nor within our control. This also applies to the use of our brand in social media.

The owner of the URL and corresponding pages in the social media deals with goods and licences that have directly been sold until 2022. The enterprise DOM publishers have never been a legal or financial part of this organisation and cannot influence the content or design of this website. We are still trying to solve the issue with the use of our trademark in Russia. DOM publishers condemns the Russian war in Ukraine and supports Ukraine in all possible measures to rebuild it as a democratic country.

The copyright for the contents of the website is vested in the firm of DOM publishers and in its project partners and members of project teams. In our use of pictures we did not make ourselves, we have made every effort to clearly acknowledge this. If our use of such pictures affects the rights of third parties, please contact us at

Regulation (EU) 2022/576
In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2022/576, it is hereby declared that the enterprise DOM publishers does not employ any Russian nationals and does not have a branch in the Russian Federation. Furthermore, it is also declared that no shares are held in any company in the Russian Federation.