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Constructing the Socialist Way of Life

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Mass Housing and Urbanism in North Korea

Edited by Inha Jung

With contributions by Inha Jung, Kim Young-cheol, 
Kim Jong-yeon, Shin Gun-soo, and Kim Mina


Mass housing and urban planning are a key element in North ­Korea’s material foundation. In the post-war era, the country attempted to socialise all types of living spaces – from small apartment rooms to urban settings – based on political ideology. The idea that North Korea’s political for­ces are brainwashing their people is superficial – as testimonies from many defectors have revealed.

By exploring home culture and daily life, this book aims to capture the actual life of North Koreans, who have largely supported the country’s unique dictatorial political system. 
To this end, it uses drawings, maps, and diagrams obtained from various archives. While these are neutral forms of communication, they also convey the actual intentions of North Korean architects and planners hidden behind the deceitful claims of political leaders.

· The reconstruction of Pyongyang and Hamhŭng
· Piotr Zaremba and the urban planning of Chongjin
· The creation of Kim Il-sung Square in Pyongyang
· The emergence of mass housing in Post-War North Korea
· The introduction of microdistricts in site planning
· Socialisation of rural space in North Korea
· The planning of Gwangbok Street New Town in Pyongyang
· The development of the housing market

210 x 230 mm
240 pages

200 images

ISBN 978-3-86922-686-6


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