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Public Humanities in Architecture

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Reflections on Heritage Culture, and History

Philipp Meuser

Anyone concerned with the history, tradition, and culture of our built environment will sooner or later come across the term ‘Public Humanities’. At the interface between an academic discipline and the media-oriented culture industry, Public Humanities is established as a field of inquiry in the US and is increasingly becoming so in Europe too.

Whether this field of research remains a product of Western culture will only become apparent in the coming years. However, linking architectural debate with the humanities is an important concern of the papers collected here.

These essays on architectural theory provide academic food for thought while encouraging reflection on the discipline of architecture and stimulating urban design in the twenty-first century. The lectures collected here are from a class on Public Humanities at Brown University.

Sketches for an Architectural Theory

Reflections on Construction and Space

Finding the Roots of Architecture
Why We Need to Look at Africa First

Thinking to Build
How Architecture Can Draw on Theory 

Building to Raise Awareness
How Architecture Guides Us Through Our Cities

Building to Communicate
How Architecture Can Support Lives 

Building to Protect

How Architecture Can Keep Lives Safe

Building to Unite Nations
How Architecture Can Simplify Diplomacy  

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176 pages

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ISBN 978-3-86922-559-3

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