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Architectural Guide

Philipp Meuser (ed.)
With contributions by Adil Dalbai and Guido Herz

Amid the endless plains of Kazakhstan, an extraordinary architectural experiment has arisen: Astana. Formerly an outpost of the Tsarist Empire in the barren steppe, the location had developed into a typical Soviet provincial town. However, both internationally renowned and local architects are now designing spectacular and unique buildings in this dynamic city. Furthermore, Astana hosted the Expo 2017 which took place only twenty years after the city had been built in the steppe alongside the old centre.

The Astana Architectural Guide documents eighty diverse buildings and projects in the Kazakh metropolis, which was masterplanned by Kisho Kurokawa, and examines the contradictory nature at play within oriental traditions, western models and Soviet influences. Therefore, this publication represents a critical analysis of architecture and capital city planning in the centre of Eurasia.

134 × 245 mm
224 pages
400 images


ISBN 978-3-86922-406-0