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Architectural Guide

Thomas Meyer-Wieser


From the Arab conquest to the Arab Spring: in its capacity for architectural and social transformation and in its tension between religious tradition and modern glitter, Cairo is like no other city in the Islamic world.

In this book, Swiss architect Thomas Meyer-Wieser explores the idea of the North African city that was once the heart of ancient civilisation and is now the capital of modern Egypt. As well as looking at more than 300 buildings, he takes the reader on 20 walks and excursions.

• The Arab conquest: 7th to 10th centuries
• Fatimid rule: 10th to 12th centuries
• The Golden Age: 12th to 15th centuries
• Ottoman provincial city: 16th to 18th centuries
• ‘Paris on the Nile’: Cairo in the 19th century
• The modern metropolis: 20th to 21st centuries


134 × 245 mm
528 pages

1450 images

ISBN 978-3-86922-813-6

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German edition