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Competition Panels and Diagrams 2

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Construction and Design Manual

Benjamin Hossbach, Christian Lehmhaus,
Christine Eichelmann

Planning competitions are used in public and private projects as an instrument for optimising the design and selecting planning partners. For both small and large projects, the organised, fair, transparent and specialist process helps to improve the quality of urban development, buildings, open spaces and art. Like its successful predecessor title, this book documents the competition procedures coordinated by [phase eins]. in recent years. Founded in 1998, [phase eins]. is one of the leading offices for project consulting and competition management in the fields of architecture and urban design. A total of
27 projects in Germany, Austria, Albania, Ukraine, Kuwait, Belgium, Canada and Lebanon are presented with extensive illustrations and explanations. The book also contains texts on fundamental issues relating to the competition system.

225 × 280 mm
416 pages

1640 images

ISBN 978-3-86922-902-7

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German edition/Deutsche Ausgabe