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Prefabricated Housing

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Construction and Design Manual

Jutta Albus / Philipp Meuser

Prefabricated housing has long since ceased to mean the disfigurement of the urban landscape with monotonous grey boxes. Particularly in ­Central ­Europe and Russia, modern assembly methods and 100 years of experience in planning prefabricated buildings and constructing with large panels are experiencing a renaissance. Whereas predominantly in Moscow­ – the largest European metro­polis with seventeen million – prefabricated housing is an essential instrument for the provision of residential assistance, prefabrication methods in Germany­ and Switzerland­, for example, are used to build exclusive properties. This construction manual examines the potential of prefabricated housing on structural, historical and architectural grounds. In addi­tion to an insight into the methods of production and assembly, roughly twenty selected examples provide a contribution to the discussion on affordable housing.

Vol. 1: Technologies and Methods
Vol. 2: Buildings and Typologies

225 × 280  mm
600 pages
950 images

2 volumes in slipcase

ISBN 978-3-86922-427-5

This title is expected to become available
in March 2018.