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Architectural Guide

Ievgeniia Gubkina


Author Iegeniiva Gubkina’s Architectural Guide Kharkiv is another title on Ukraine’s building tradition. In this 300-page publication, she argues passionately for protecting the Constructivist heritage in her hometown. In Kharkiv, the war destroys buildings almost daily – making it challenging to remember Ukraine’s architectural history. A prominent example is the Railway Workers’ Club, which was largely destroyed after two direct attacks in March and, most recently, in August 2022.
This guide is more than a documentation of the significant buildings in the second-largest Ukrainian city. This book declares love for a city exposed to direct combat several times during the Second World War and has been a frontline city since February 2022. Gubkina’s description of Kharkiv is based on the layout of the Janus-faced structure Old Town vs New Town and Sumska Street connecting the two parts. »But the two equal centres do not simply oppose, argue, or resist one another, but are in dialogue, interaction, and dialectical relationship. This is not the primitive negation of the old but the classic unity and struggle of opposites of the old and the new. Or more, it is the completion of the thesis-antithesis model by synthesis.« This ambivalence takes on all the more significance against the backdrop of the Russian army’s current war of aggression.

This title is part of the Histories of Ukrainian Architecture programme initiated by DOM publishers in response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty on 24 February 2022.


135 x 245 mm
304 pages
300 images


ISBN 978-3-86922-407-7


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This title is expected to become
available in summer 2024.


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