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Architectural Guide
Buildings and Projects after 1945

Marina Kavalirek

Rome has shaped European art and culture for over 2,000 years. For centuries the city was considered the caput mundi– ‘capital of the world’– and it is where the foundations of Western architecture were built. Today, more than 12 million people from across the globe flock to the Eternal City each year to admire the impressive relics of the Roman Empire and the opulent art and architecture from the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods. This guide encourages readers to venture off the beaten track and to explore Rome’s hidden gems: lesser-known yet still extraordinary buildings that date back to the second half of the twentieth century. From constructions for culture, education, sport, and mixed uses, to religious structures and residential and infrastructural projects – the 140 buildings presented here reveal a surprisingly wide variety of styles. The comprehensive volume finishes with an overview of current construction projects and recent realisations and then a selection of themed tours to follow when roaming through the Italian capital.

135 x 245 mm
248 pages
530 pictures
English edition