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Meet our authors: Jean-Philippe Hugron

The Frenchman has loved buildings since childhood – the taller, the better. Which is why he lives in Paris’s skyscraper district and is intrigued by Monaco: He has now published the first ever Architectural Guide on the city-state.


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Five Rules on Compassionate Design

There are ten million new cases of dementia each year. Hospitals are an intimidating environment for patients and carers. Sensitive, well-designed architecture can help. In one of our handbooks we explore the subject. As a short introduction, here are five rules for designing appropriate spaces.


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Under the Spell of the Blue Light

Photographer Bernhard Ludewig has been documenting German nuclear technology across the world for seven years. Here, he introduces four of his most captivating images.


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From "Altbau" to "Gebrauchsarchitektur"

Some words, no matter how trivial they may seem in the original language, do not lend themselves to direct translation. Kyung Hun Oh, our in-house translator, talks about some challenges of his daily work.


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Meet our team: Kyung Hun Oh, translator

After studying literature in Cambridge, UK, Kyung Hun Oh  moved to Berlin four and a half years ago. He has now translated numerous books for DOM publishers. An advocate of clarity, he gently reminds architectural critics: sometimes, less is more.


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Vann Molyvann: The architect who shaped the Cambodian capital

He melded modernist principles with Angkorian tradition to invent a new style: Khmer Modernism


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"On the downside, the Chinese come with their own styles"

Africa is at the centre of our publishing programme this year: Its cities are the fastest growing in the world, which brings many challenges. Remy Sietchiping, from the UN, is an expert on the urbanisation of the continent. An interview on Chinese infrastructure, the perils of glass façades, and cities as engines of democratisation.


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How to: Seven Rules on Designing for Children

Niches and natural materials? Yes. But please avoid barriers!, says the author of our new book Childcare Facilities


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A Short Stopover in Tunis

Faouzia Ben Khoud, author of our Architectural Guide Tunis, has been exploring the Tunisian capital for many years. Below are her tips on finding the best food, concerts, and views of the historic cityscape.


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Willkommen / Welcome

Herzlich willkommen auf dem Blog von DOM publishers. Hier erfahren Sie künftig mehr über den Verlag: über die Themen, die uns wichtig sind, über unsere Mitarbeiter und Autoren – und darüber, wie unsere Bücher entstehen.

Welcome to the DOM publishers blog. You’ll find information on our publishing house here in the near future. We’ll reveal more about topics that are close to our hearts, our staff and authors – and how our books are created.

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