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Tag: Europe

How Dana Pavlychko created Ukraine's leading address for books on architecture

The collaboration between Kyiv-based publisher Osnovy and DOM goes back to 2017New joint projects are currently underway.


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“We must understand architecture as politics”

What brings a practicing architect to start publishing books as a second business enterprise? Ūla Ambrasaitė, publisher of Vilnius-based LAPAS talks to Philipp Meuser, architect and head of DOM publishers, Berlin. During their conversation it turns out that they do not only share their passion for beautiful books but also follow the idea allowing young authors to start their career in the book industry.


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The fascinating story behind Moscow's Four Seasons Hotel

Myths surround this luxury accommodation and its peculiar story. For 4000 euros a night you can now stay right next to Red Square where the first Stalinist-style building once stood – it looked exactly the same.


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Architekturführer Almaty: Jetzt unterstützen und gewinnen

Unbekannte Metropole zwischen Europa und Asien: Almaty ist das kulturelle Zentrum Kasachstans. Wer das geplante Buch jetzt vorbestellt, unterstützt nicht nur das Projekt, sondern wird auch belohnt.


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Architectural Guide on the North Caucasus: Help to make it happen

Support the first ever English-language architectural guide on the region – and link your name to this unique project.


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Meet our authors: Jean-Philippe Hugron

The Frenchman has loved buildings since childhood – the taller, the better. Which is why he lives in Paris’s skyscraper district and is intrigued by Monaco: He has now published the first ever Architectural Guide on the city-state.


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