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Tag: Europe

The fascinating story behind Moscow's Four Seasons Hotel

Myths surround this luxury accommodation and its peculiar story. For 4000 euros a night you can now stay right next to Red Square where the first Stalinist-style building once stood – it looked exactly the same.


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Architekturführer Almaty: Jetzt unterstützen und gewinnen

Unbekannte Metropole zwischen Europa und Asien: Almaty ist das kulturelle Zentrum Kasachstans. Wer das geplante Buch jetzt vorbestellt, unterstützt nicht nur das Projekt, sondern wird auch belohnt.


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Architectural Guide on the North Caucasus: Help to make it happen

Support the first ever English-language architectural guide on the region – and link your name to this unique project.


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Meet our authors: Jean-Philippe Hugron

The Frenchman has loved buildings since childhood – the taller, the better. Which is why he lives in Paris’s skyscraper district and is intrigued by Monaco: He has now published the first ever Architectural Guide on the city-state.


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